WH-24 Dynamic 360 DYNAMIC 360 تشكيلــة داينمـــك 360 View Collection DYNAMIC 360 Collection is powered by dynamic hands that point to Qibla direction. The Watch features Analog / Digital sync. times, Azan Index and Worldwide Prayer Times. DISCOVER.. Discover.. Buy Now Alfajr Athan Clock NEW CLOCK Table Clock with trendy design Can be also hanged on the wall. It has all wonderful features on Alfajr Clocks with multiple athan sounds DISCOVER.. of Alfajr Clocks Buy Now Alfajr Athan Clock New Generation Second hand refers to minutes before and after Azan. For that, following up prayer has become easier. Alfajr Slider image 1 en ALFAJR SWISS MADE COLLECTION LUXURY WATCH Luxury Swiss watch displays dual time (analogue - digital) with date and prayer times. Multi-function crown, Stainless steel case, Sapphire Glass and Genuine leather strap More Info