You can Lookup your city in cities list in your watch

You can add your city by select “New City” in your watch

Choose “Others country” from countries list then select your country

You can select display language in your watch “Arabic or English”

You can set time and date from “SET TIME” screen in your watch

Make sure you have correctly set the following :

Make sure the daylight saving time option (DST) is set correctly ( see DST setting in the user guide ).

Suppose today’s Magrib azan is at 6:00 PM.
Set Magrib alarm reminder to 5:50 PM. After this initial setting, Magrib reminder will be automatically adjusted everyday to beep 10 minutes before the azan.

( see Prayer Alarms setting in the user’s guide ).

You need to adjust daylight saving time option (DST) ON or OFF. Daylight saving time information can be found on : Click Here

To know Qibla direction In your watch, go to “Qibla” screen

Yes, you can display Hijri calender from “calender” screen

Yes, you can select Taqweem system or set new Taqweem from “Taqweem” screen

Make sure you have correctly set the following :

Note that in few cases you may need to use Safety Time Adjustment to exactly match your local taqweem system.

First select the fixed “1:30” taqweem system ( see Taqweem setting ), then adjust safety time for fajr by -10 minutes and for isha by +15 minutes (see safety time adjustment ).

Suppose today’s Fajr azan is at 4:00 AM. Set Fajr alarm to 4:10. After this initial setting, the alarm will be automatically adjusted everyday to ring 10 minutes after Fajr azan.

Follow the weekend setting on user’s guide and select option (6) Also note that option (5) means alarm will not ring on Saturday and Sunday.

To select daylight saving time option (DST ON), press and hold the button for five seconds (you will hear a soft beep and will notice that the current time and all azan times moved forward by one hour). To select standard time (DST OFF), press and hold the button for few seconds.

For more information, see the DST section in the clock user guide. Daylight saving time information can be found at

Most likely because Fajr alarm is set exactly at the same time as Fajr Azan.

In CT-01 model only, you can turn ON azan sound but adjust volume level to lowest level ( Actually, the lowest volume level also means Azan sound is OFF. In this case, both azan sound and azan beeps reminder are turned OFF ).

No. The arrow indicates the qibla direction relative to North. In other words, you need to know North direction, and then you will be able to determine Qibla direction.

City codes are first sorted by country codes, so you will find 971 – 4 ( UAE-Dubai code ) when you scroll further in the list ( The numbers goes like this 91, 92, … , 98, 212, … , 970, 971 – 4,.. ).